Connecting the Dots: Paving the Way for Hospitality Excellence

In a world where connectivity is the key to progress, “Connecting the Dots” emerges as a beacon of knowledge, collaboration, and inspiration within the hospitality industry. The groundbreaking podcast, envisioned by industry luminary Mr. Prashant Mishra, exceeds the boundaries of traditional learning, bringing together seasoned professionals and aspiring hoteliers in a dynamic exchange of ideas […]

The Evolution of Job Hunting in the Hotel Industry in 2024

Navigating the New Frontier The landscape of job hunting in the hotel industry is undergoing a seismic shift in 2024, driven by technological advancements, shifting consumer demands, and global challenges. As the hospitality sector adapts to this ever-changing environment, professionals and organizations alike are reimagining traditional recruitment practices and embracing innovative approaches to talent acquisition. […]

South India Emerges as the Hub for Conferences in 2024: A Surge in Business and Innovation

As we step into the heart of 2024, South India is witnessing a remarkable surge in the number of conferences, positioning itself as a thriving hub for business, innovation, and knowledge exchange. The region’s vibrant cities, coupled with a conducive business environment, have become magnets for conferences across diverse industries. 1. Tech Hubs Leading the […]

Hotels Navigate Risks and Rewards of Food Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

In today’s digital age, the influence of food bloggers and social media influencers on consumer behavior is undeniable. With their ability to reach millions of followers and shape trends in the culinary world, these individuals wield considerable power and influence, often sought after by hotels eager to boost their visibility and attract new guests. However, […]

Unveiling New Trends in Luxury Weddings – Namit Vijh, Cluster GM for Rajasthan & Agra with Radisson Hotel Group and GM of Radisson Gurugram, Udyog Vihar

In the heart of India’s rich cultural tapestry, the exploration of opulent wedding trends has become a focal point for couples seeking an extraordinary union. Mr. Namit Vijh, the Cluster General Manager for Rajasthan & Agra with Radisson Hotel Group and General Manager of Radisson Gurugram, Udyog Vihar, takes center stage to unveil exciting trends […]

AI-Augmented Decision Intelligence: The Next Paradigm Shift in Hospitality Revenue Management

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It’s making inroads into practically every field of human activity. It’s integrated into search engines, word processors, and various apps likely installed on your smartphone in your pocket. And there’s a reason for the tech’s proliferation: it is incredibly adept at analyzing data much faster and at a much larger scale. […]

Farm to table concepts boom in hotel industry

The farm-to-table concept has experienced a significant boom in the hotel industry, transforming the culinary landscape and guest experiences. This movement, rooted in sustainability, local sourcing, and a commitment to fresh, seasonal ingredients, has gained popularity for several reasons: Today’s consumers are more conscious about the origin of their food and the environmental impact of […]

How Google’s Topics API Could Affect Your Hotel’s Paid Search Campaigns

With the announcement of the Topics API, Google is steadfast in preparing web users, websites, and advertisers (that includes you, fellow hotel marketer) for a 3rd-party cookie-less world. In this article, we’ll explain the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the Topics API and its effects on hotel marketers and hotel PPC campaigns. What do hotels need to […]