Connecting the Dots: Paving the Way for Hospitality Excellence

In a world where connectivity is the key to progress, “Connecting the Dots” emerges as a beacon of knowledge, collaboration, and inspiration within the hospitality industry. The groundbreaking podcast, envisioned by industry luminary Mr. Prashant Mishra, exceeds the boundaries of traditional learning, bringing together seasoned professionals and aspiring hoteliers in a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise.

1. About R-own

Welcome to R-own, a thriving community that brings together seasoned hoteliers with a wealth of industry experience and aspiring individuals looking to make their mark in the world of hospitality. With a shared passion for creating exceptional guest experiences, R-own serves as a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and networking. At R-own, we believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and mentorship. Seasoned hoteliers generously impart their expertise, while aspiring Hoteliers gain valuable insights, learning from the best in the business. Our inclusive and collaborative environment fosters growth, propels careers forward, and cultivates lasting relationships within the hospitality community. Join us at R-own and be part of a vibrant community that cherishes the timeless essence of hospitality, embraces innovation, and paves the way for a bright future in the industry. Together, let’s elevate the art of hospitality and shape the next generation of hoteliers through “Connecting the Dots.”

2. About “Connecting the Dots”

“Connecting The Dots” serves as an extension of R-own’s vision, providing a unique avenue for professionals to connect, share insights, and elevate the industry. Through “Connecting The Dots,” we believe in the power of storytelling and the immense value of personal experiences. Through this podcast, we provide an opportunity for seasoned professionals and aspiring hoteliers to share their invaluable knowledge with a global audience. By sharing your personal journey, anecdotes, and insights, you can inspire and empower individuals who are passionate about the hospitality industry. Our mission is to bridge the gap between industry experts, thought leaders, and eager learners, creating a thriving community built on collaboration and innovation. Whether you have worked in luxury hotels, managed successful restaurants, or pioneered groundbreaking concepts, “Connecting The Dots” invites you to be a part of this dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise. The journey from R-own to “Connecting The Dots” finds a common thread in Prashant Mishra. An engineer turned hospitality entrepreneur, Prashant’s story embodies the essence of both platforms. His experiences, shared on R-own, and echoed in his role as the host of “Connecting The Dots,” serve as a bridge between the community and the enriching narratives within the podcast.

3. Vision and Mission

Our vision is to aspire people to create a collaborative ecosystem where people can thrive and build a place where they can freely interact, communicate and build a hoteliers community. By continuously evolving our platform and services we are ready to foster and cultivate a future where people in the hospitality business connect and network with each other. Our core mission is to empower hospitality professionals to scale and build their community to form a highly effective network within the hospitality industry. R-own provides innovative opportunities that unlock solutions by creating optimized operations to build a platform that offers excellence and growth.

4. Meet The Host

“The hospitality industry has a lot to offer to those who wait.” The driving force behind the captivating journey of “Connecting The Dots,” the man behind the vision of the podcast, Mr. Prashant Mishra, an engineer by profession, embarked on a remarkable 15-year journey in the hospitality industry. Despite starting as a verification officer for HDFC bank, his passion for hospitality drove him to join Praxis Services as an Executive Revenue Manager, marking the beginning of an extraordinary career. Having worked with renowned brands such as Sayaji, MAYFAIR, Carlson Rezidor, Hyatt, and Marriott, Prashant gathered valuable expertise. Motivated by his experiences, he took a bold step and founded Playotel Hotels, successfully establishing a presence across India. His entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there; he went on to establish Retvens Services, Central Asia’s largest Revenue Management Firm, with an impressive portfolio of 150+ hotels nationwide and an exceptional retention rate of 97%. Prashant’s vision has not only shaped the podcast but has also left an indelible mark on the landscape of hospitality, fostering a community where knowledge, experience, and passion intersect. With 30 episodes filled with insightful narratives, the podcast continues to be a source of inspiration, connecting individuals through the power of storytelling.

5. The Journey from the 1st Podcast to the 30th Podcast

As “Connecting The Dots” embarks on its journey, the evolution from the first podcast to the thirtieth is a testament to the impact it has had on the hospitality community. The podcast has become a dynamic hub where industry leaders and aspiring hoteliers come together to share stories, exchange insights, and foster a sense of camaraderie. Each episode is a stepping stone, building on the success of the previous one, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and knowledge. From the first tentative steps, the podcast has grown into a powerful platform that not only connects dots within the industry but also shapes the narrative of the future of hospitality. In conclusion, “Connecting the Dots” and R-own are not just platforms; they are catalysts for change, innovation, and growth within the hospitality industry. By fostering collaboration, sharing experiences, and building networks, these initiatives shape the future of hoteliers, creating a community that thrives on knowledge, mentorship, and meaningful connections. Led by the visionary Prashant Mishra, this dynamic duo invites you to be a part of a community that values stories, cherishes experiences, and shapes the future of hospitality. Join this journey, connect the dots, and be a part of the vibrant tapestry that is redefining hospitality excellence.