Chalet Hotels Limited Appoints Sarah Stephanos as AGM Marketing and Corporate Communications

Sarah Stephanos, a seasoned professional with 19 years of experience in shaping India’s travel landscapes, brings her innovative approach to Chalet Hotels.

Mumbai, [Date] – Chalet Hotels Limited, a prominent player in the hospitality industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Stephanos as Assistant General Manager (AGM) of Marketing and Corporate Communications. Reporting directly to Sanjay Sethi, MD and CEO of the company, Stephanos is set to play a pivotal role in implementing strategic initiatives under his guidance.

Sarah Stephanos holds an MSc in Psychology with a focus on Consumer Behaviour from Women’s Christian College, Chennai. With an academic foundation enriched by insights from thought leaders like Dr Chekitan Dev and the Kelley Brothers in Design Thinking, Stephanos has been a dynamic force in the travel industry, contributing to India’s vibrant travel landscapes for over 19 years.

Known as a cultural catalyst, Stephanos is recognized for her innovation in hospitality. Her journey spans from presenting culinary icons like Antonio Carluccio to collaborating with renowned designers such as Marije Vogelzang. She has exchanged food stories with Asma Khan, revitalized award-winning restaurants, and rebranded esteemed establishments. Stephanos has challenged the nightlife scene in India through top-notch artist collaborations, transforming routines, and fostering community engagement, including initiatives with farmers, decision-makers, and media personalities for a sustainable food system.

Before joining Chalet Hotels, Stephanos held influential positions with contemporary boutique hotels and a leading telecommunication brand. She also demonstrated entrepreneurial prowess by successfully introducing digital transformations in a prestigious portfolio of companies.

Sanjay Sethi, MD & CEO at Chalet Hotels Limited, expressed his welcome, stating, “We welcome Sarah Stephanos to the family of Chalet Hotels. Her broad-based experience, strategic acumen, and leadership capabilities make her a valuable addition to our team, and this comes at a time when Chalet is in the midst of an aggressive growth cycle.”

Excited about her new role, Sarah Stephanos shared, “I am thrilled to be a part of Chalet Hotels Limited and look forward to contributing my expertise to drive growth and innovation. With the company’s commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, I am eager to lead with inventive initiatives and creatively original communication to explore new frontiers.”