Payment Terms and Conditions


  1. Payment Methods:
    – Hoteliers Web accepts payments for advertising and subscriptions through secure online payment methods, including credit/debit cards and electronic fund transfers.
  2. Advertising Fees:
    – Advertisers must adhere to the agreed-upon fees for advertising services on Hoteliers Web.
    – Fees are determined based on the chosen advertising package and duration, as outlined in the agreement.
  3. Subscription Charges:
    – Subscribers will be charged according to the selected subscription plan, with fees clearly outlined during the signup process.
    – Subscription charges are recurring, and subscribers will be automatically billed at the agreed-upon intervals.
  4. Payment Due Dates:
    – All payments for advertising and subscriptions are due in advance.
    – Advertisers are required to settle their payments before the commencement of the advertising campaign.
    – Subscribers will be billed automatically on the renewal date of their subscription.
  5. Late Payments:
    – Late payments may result in the suspension or removal of advertising services or subscription access.
    – Hoteliers Web reserves the right to charge late fees for overdue payments, as specified in the agreement.
  6. Refunds:
    – Advertisers and subscribers may be eligible for refunds under specific circumstances, as outlined in the refund policy.
    – Refund requests must be submitted in writing and will be processed in accordance with the refund policy.
  7. Cancellation Policy:
    – Advertisers and subscribers can cancel their services by providing written notice before the next billing cycle.
    – Hoteliers Web reserves the right to cancel services for non-compliance with terms and conditions, with notice provided to the affected party.
  8. Currency and Taxes:
    – All fees are stated in the currency specified in the agreement.
    – Advertisers and subscribers are responsible for any applicable taxes associated with the services provided by Hoteliers Web.
  9. Modification of Terms:
    – Hoteliers Web may update these terms and conditions with notice to advertisers and subscribers.
    – Continued use of services after the modification indicates acceptance of the updated terms.
  10. Contact Information:
    – For any inquiries regarding payment terms and conditions, please contact our support team at

By engaging in advertising or subscribing to Hoteliers Web services, you agree to abide by these payment terms and conditions.

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