Miri, is now open at The St. Regis Goa Resort

The new year marks the opening of Miri at The St. Regis Goa Resort, further enhancing the dining experience at this luxury, beachside resort.

Located on the farthest end of the lobby, or Great Hall, Miri has an upper as well as lower section of seating which commands winning views of the poolscape. 

The restaurant’s talented culinary team, led by Chef de Cuisine, Kshitij Inamdar, aims to create an exquisite guest experience that channels the vibrant Goan dining culture along with a broad brushstroke of international culinary delights.

A series of open kitchens start with a vibrant dessert showcase right opposite the door, fondly referred to as the Sugar Factory. Other live counter hubs include a bright Salad Bar, adjoining a seafood selection, a Fromagerie with an exotic array of gourmet cheese, an Asian Counter, a Western Culinary Showcase alongwith dedicated Grill, Kebab and Curries destinations. The highlight, though, is a dedicated Vegetarian Hub, with the choicest gourmet delights for those who have made this healthy option their life choice. Alongside, is the Miri Bar, a full-scale beverage showcase, replete with fresh juices, interesting local cocktails like the Konkan Old Fashioned and Estuary made with Dukshiri feni, a range of sustainable cocktails made from herbs and spices from the resort garden and a standout array of kombucha based cocktails.

‘With the opening of Miri, we unveil a meticulously crafted a la carte menu devoted to the authentic nuances of Goan cuisine, juxtaposed with a spectrum of global flavours. This culinary celebration available throughout the day, promises an immersive experience for our guests. Miri’s indoor-outdoor design, with winning pool views and numerous open kitchens has a warm and inviting feel. There are plenty of surprises in store during our Sunday Brunches. The place truly has a soul!’ remarks Satish Kumar, General Manager, summing up the overall vibe of Miri.

Global gourmands are invited to embark on a journey at Miri, where the guiding principle is artisanal excellence.

The name draws inspiration from the Konkani word miri or pepper, which is ubiquitous in Goan cooking. It harkens back to four hundred and fifty years of Portuguese rule in Goa which lent itself to a complex, but interesting assortment of flavours, styles and culinary techniques. Goan food is often described as the best expression of Indo-Portuguese culinary accents. Black Pepper, as we know, was the only spice known to Europe in the ancient times. The spice was so prized that it was worth its weight in gold and many a shipping expedition was spearheaded and carried out with pepper as its focal point.

Miri’s culinary offerings are a harmonious blend of sensory delights and comforting experiences. While drawing inspiration from global flavors, the menu is deeply rooted in local culture, inviting guests to explore the diverse array or perfectly crafted culinary delights. Unsurprisingly, there are true blue local delicacies like the Goan Rice Porridge, a coconut milk and toddy fermented red rice gruel which is a delicious, ‘wake-me-up’ served with tofu, chilies, cabbage relish, soy sauce, lime, pickles and cashew feni or the iconic Ross Omelette, a streetside delight, best enjoyed in the late mornings.

A signature experience is Festak, the ‘flame to fork’ interpretation of the delightful local tradition of gathering around the table for celebratory, leisurely meals with family and friends. This buffet-on-the-table concept generously showcases the Goan way of life, complemented by a range of international culinary delights, spanning from Mediterranean specialties to flavorsome Asian fare.

There is special Be Well Menu, which is an all-encompassing menu representing alternate ingredients and dishes, preferences and lifestyle. This special curation caters to vegan, diners with lactose and gluten intolerance as well as all forms of nut allergy. Some dishes like the Zucchini Fettuccini, Cavelossim Curried Pumpkin or Millet and Oat Risotto are deeply anchored in wellness.

Design Element

The design element of Miri is a contemporary interpretation that expertly blends the outdoor with an elegant indoor space, resulting in a brightly lit stage, where the teams create magic behind the open show kitchens.

Miri’s ambiance is characterized by a light, bright, and airy atmosphere, with chefs showcasing their expertise. The frontal segment features a stylish patisserie, adding a touch of sophistication and personality. A series of theatrical kitchens create a warm and familial environment, while lending an element of drama. The restaurant is divided into two segments; the upper section and the lower deck which offers charming views of the pool. Miri has a cozy dining atmosphere with soft beige and cream hues, interesting artefacts interspersing the spaces and striking rust accents.

Sundays Brunches: An indulgent affair

Sunday Brunches are a weekly highlight in Goa, and this leisurely ending to the week is a ritual best enjoyed with friends and family. A melting pot of sorts, Sunday Brunch is a delightful medley lovingly curated by our chefs and is a celebration of good times. Intriguing flavour inspirations are a driving force for the culinary team, who craft a plethora of exquisite dishes, ranging from garden fresh salads, a full scale seafood showcase, pasta, pizza and everything in between. The dessert spread is the perfect, instagram-worthy parade of sweet treats, and a befitting end to the meal. For little luminaries, there is a magician, a host of games and engaging sessions in between the tasty morsels, and the live music keeps the jivey, holiday-ish vibes well and alive.

Price– INR2999+ taxes for non alcoholic brunch and INR3999+ taxes for alcoholic brunch.

Time: 12:30pm – 4:00pm every Sunday

Venue: Miri

Note: Sunday Brunch is starting from 21st January 2024 onwards.

Whether one seeks a robust start to the day with a nourishing breakfast, an array of global delicacies or a window into the rich Goan culinary landscape, Miri has a wide repertoire on offer, throughout the day.

7:30 AM-10:30 AM
12:30 PM-3:30 PM
7:00 PM-10:30 PM


Restaurant Manager: Tarun Patnaik

Contact Number: +91 9175681259

Address: Miri, The St. Regis, Goa Resort, Mobor Beach, Cavelossim, Goa 403731

To stay updated, follow us on Instagram @stregisgoaresort

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