The Leela Gandhinagar marks Independence Day by engaging with artisans

Gandhinagar: The Leela Gandhinagar, the luxury hospitality destination in the twin city of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, celebrated Independence Day with fervour and also organised a workshop to promote and support traditional artisans.

The Leela Gandhinagar team and guests participated enthusiastically in the flag-hoisting ceremony followed by the singing of the national anthem as a part of the Independence Day celebrations on Tuesday morning. It was followed by a workshop on cloth-dyeing methods and hand-printing techniques aimed at giving guests an experience of India’s rich tapestry and culture.

Guests were shown and taught the traditional cloth-dyeing methods and hand-printing techniques by skilled artisans, who have dedicated their lives to preserving the age-old arts and crafts, gaining tremendous insights into the art forms.

“Art and culture are at the heart of our country’s rich traditions. The workshop demonstrates The Leela Gandhinagar’s commitment to empowering artisans by ensuring guests get a glimpse into the efforts and dedication of our artisans to keep our traditional arts and crafts alive. The workshop was also a way to pay tribute to our nation’s artistic heritage and artisans on Independence Day by supporting them. We extend sincere gratitude to the guests for their enthusiastic participation in the workshop,” said Mr Vikas Sood, General Manager, The Leela Gandhinagar.

The workshop left the guests in awe as they gained first-hand experience in cloth dyeing and hand-printing and filled their hearts with appreciation for the artisans.

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