Chowman, Nation’s Leading Restaurant Chain, stand out as the only brand from East India to be featured in Hotstar’s Brands of Tomorrow

National, August 11, 2023: Kolkata, and now nation’s leading Chinese restaurant chain brand, Chowman has taken a massive step upwards as the sole brand from West Bengal to get featured on the much-awaited Disney Hotstar’s upcoming show, ‘Brands of Tomorrow’. A docu-series by AIL (Advaita Innovation Lab), this show intends to chronicle the journey of new age Indian brands at the forefront of innovation, sculpting India’s future economy by the power of their products. ‘Brands of Tomorrow’ will be featuring the journey of Chowman becoming a known face in the F&B industry against the narration of Chowman’s owner, Debaditya Chaudhury who tells the tale of this renowned brand which started from the scratch. As a pioneering brand to make fine-dining affordable to the middle-class Indians, Chowman fits perfectly in the criteria of ‘Brands of Tomorrow’ in showcasing its impact-worthiness in the society. This is another feather in the long list of achievements that Chowman has achieved so far in its exciting 13-year culinary journey. 

“When I conceived the idea of highlighting Make-in-India brands that are innovation and impact driven, it wasn’t really easy. On one hand, you have the poster boys of the Indian startup ecosystem that are doing wonders and on the other hand, you have brands that are breaking barriers but never been interpreted as “brands’ ‘. And that is where I realised the gap. We needed to showcase more brands that are born in India and make our country the global superpower.  Gen Zs in India aren’t like any other generations we have seen. They are aware, conscious and all they need is a little aspiration to build big. To the Gen Zs, I present to you ‘Brands of Tomorrow’ for you to get inspired and get going,” said Suchayan Mandal, Chief Strategist of Brands of Tomorrow ™ and co-founder of AIL-India.

Chowman will be the first brand featured on the launch episode of Brands of Tomorrow. This will be followed by Zoff Spices, Freakins, Nasher Miles, Power Gummies and Regrip in the later episodes.

Date of release: 15th August’23

About Brands of Tomorrow ™:

Brands of Tomorrow ™ by AIL is a docu-series chronicling the journeys of new age Indian brands at the forefront of innovation. The six-episode series on Disney Hotstar is a celebration of the brands who are sculpting India’s future economy by the power of their products. It is a tribute to their enduring legacies. The series will inspire, entertain, and leave viewers with a newfound appreciation for the art of innovation.

The six brands in Brands of Tomorrow ™ Season 1 include Chowman, Zoff Spices, Freakins, Nasher Miles, Power Gummies and Regrip. The brands selected for this series are earning revenues, impacting the society in a positive way, generating employment and are often endorsed by celebrities. These definitely make them brands of tomorrow.

The criterion for selection of these brands was their impact-worthiness in the society. For example, Chowman is making fine dining affordable for the middle-class Indians across the country. With a humane angle to the business, this is a brand that will redefine how Indians dine out. On the other hand, Suniel Shetty funded Regrip is recycling tyres and making the used tyres fit for re-use with utmost safety, which otherwise add to landfills.

About Advaita Innovation Labs:

AIL-India (Advaita Innovation Labs) is born out of sheer passion for brand storytelling. Post 2016, we have seen more and more start-ups coming up with amazing innovations. Young people now aspire to become entrepreneurs. India is fast becoming a land of ideas and innovations that take you places. What was missing in the scene was a storyteller who would give these brands a story to connect to the audience.

Started in 2021, AIL-India has evolved as a premiere brand storytelling studio in the country. Headquartered in Kolkata with a presence pan-India, we produce brand stories and strategize communications for brands who aspire to go global.

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