CYK Hospitalities Launches R&D Kitchen in Gurugram

NOIDA, July 6, 2023. With the objective of providing a better culinary experience to prospective F&B business entrepreneurs and aspirants, Gurugram-based F&B consultancy firm, CYK Hospitalities recently launched an R&D kitchen in Udyog Vihar in Gurugram.

The state-of-the-art R&D kitchen will enable both existing and prospective clients by offering a space where they can experiment, refine, and perfect their creations; the R&D kitchen will help them achieve their culinary visions.

The kitchen aims to cultivate a dynamic community where people from a variety of culinary backgrounds can meet and exchange ideas. In order to foster culinary innovation, the goal is to facilitate cutting-edge research and development.

The Gurugram-based kitchen has five chefs who have expertise in all the hospitality segments and cuisines, including Indian, Continental, PAN Asian, Desserts, Bakery, and other global cuisines. Also, the kitchen has chefs specializing in FMCG products. The kitchen will also provide opportunities for budding culinary talent to explore and create out-of-the-box culinary delights.

Focusing on high nutritional value, the kitchen will also be curating the millet-based innovative menu, which will also focus on multi-dimensional culinary cuisines. Some of the new innovations in the R&D kitchen include Rainbow Millet Salad, Kuttu Ragi Puri, Samak ki Kheer, and the like.

On the launch of the R&D kitchen, Simranjeet Singh, Director, CYK Hospitalities, said, “Our vision is to foster a vibrant community where individuals come together to engage in cutting-edge research and development within the culinary world. We aim to provide a platform for people to collaborate, exchange ideas, and collectively push the boundaries of culinary innovation.”

Pulkit Arora, Director, CYK Hospitalities adds, “At CYK Hospitalities, we strive to stay ahead of the curve by both following and setting the latest trends in the culinary world. Our R&D kitchen is a hub of innovation where we draw inspiration from traditional delicacies while developing modern culinary practices.”

The kitchen spreads over a total area of 600 square feet and is located on the rooftop for proper ventilation. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced technology focused on fulfilling essential requirements.

About CYK Hospitalities

CYK Hospitalities, founded by the experts in the FnB segment, is an FnB consulting firm providing various services in the “BRAND BUILDING” field, specializing in the food and beverage and hospitality segment. The company helps its clients gain recognition for their outlets and restaurants through consultation and consistent support. The company provides on-time services to support its clients in leasing, location mapping & expansion, exposure & networking, hiring & training, competitor analysis, menu engineering, chef hiring, SOP formation, recipes, and food pricing, to name a few.

The company, till date, has partnered with prominent space providers like Phoenix Mall, Pacific Mall, DLF, Vegas Mall, Lulu Group, Lakeshore, Lovely Professional University, etc.

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