Cygnett’s annual GM conclave paves the way for its future transformation

New Delhi, May 12, 2023:
 Cygnett Hotels & Resorts, one of India’s rapidly expanding hospitality chains, recently hosted its 6th annual GM Conclave in Jaipur. This year’s theme was ‘TRANSFORMATION 2023’, and it focused on discussing the hospitality industry’s current challenges and future trends.

General Managers from different properties of the hospitality company attended the event and discussed key topics, including Digital Transformation, Transformational Leadership, and Cultural Transformation.

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts Founder and Managing Director, Sarbendra Sarkar, shared that the entire hospitality industry is experiencing rapid changes, and it is moving towards a concept known as ‘aggrandized hospitality.’ He also emphasized that the company’s vision is driven by technology and innovation to create higher standards and expand its boundaries.

Sarkar also revealed that the company is on track with its expansion plans and will be opening 15 hotels across the country in the next 12 months, with ten hotels currently under construction. To achieve these ambitious goals, Sarkar stressed on the importance of cultural transformation and evolving work culture within the organization.

Apart from the panel discussions on the latest trends and challenges in the hospitality industry, the GM Conclave also provided an opportunity for team building as members of various departments participated, ideated, and learned from the activity. The event also hosted an award ceremony where the company recognized individuals who have demonstrated exceptional performance and contributed to the brand’s success over the years.

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts is also expected to hire over 1000 hospitality professionals as it embarks on its expansion plans. To address the issue of scouting quality manpower, the company is setting up a skill development academy called Cygnett Learning Academy that will train individuals looking to join the industry.

According to Sarkar, the Indian hospitality business is doing extremely well and recording higher ADRs, and the domestic tourism market has grown rapidly. The Indian government’s focus on developing infrastructure in the country, including the northeast region, provides more opportunities for the company to explore different parts of the country.

The GM Conclave ‘TRANSFORMATION 2023’ has paved the way for Cygnett’s future transformation, and the leadership and corporate teams of the hospitality chain expressed confidence about the growth prospects of the Indian hospitality industry going forward.

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