Millet O’clock at Hilton Chennai

MILLETS MILLETS MILLETS! On this 74th Republic Day, Hilton Chennai is featuring millets; ancient grains with home-style flavors as an essential part of the meal at Vasco’s, the all-day-dining restaurant! Celebrating the day with an agenda to manage a healthier lifestyle for everyone with the “Go healthy with Millets at Hilton Chennai” #MilletOClockatHiltonChennai motto.

What better way to kick-start the year 2023 than the “go healthy” mantra? With the support and declaration by the United Nation’s General Assembly (UNGA), the Government of India is celebrating the people’s movement called “International Year of Millets 2023” (IYOM) to make millets and their based recipes globally accepted in terms of their consumption.

“Many might actually be unaware of the fact that millets hold multiple health benefits making this campaign furthermore purposeful. It is common to observe poor dietary practices due to extensive business travel by many whereby Hilton Chennai aspires to offer the guests an unparalleled experience for their stay and dining. To manage the well-being of the guest during their busy schedule, we offer a balanced diet with Millet O’clock and other nutritional offerings at Hilton Chennai” says Jameson Solomon, the General Manager of Hilton Chennai.

Supporting this interesting campaign, Hilton Chennai is proud to announce its participation in the IYOM 2023 campaign to raise awareness of the significance of the consumption of millet in our day-to-day life. The hotel is encouraging its guests to consume more healthy meals with millet-based dishes during their stay at Hilton Chennai. Featuring millets every day throughout the year as one of their essential food elements during the evening buffet dinner at Vasco’s restaurant is a way to deliver their commitment to a healthier lifestyle. The hotel is also found to boost millets at their Big-H brunch served every Sunday, to make weekends fun and healthy. Hilton Chennai has taken an initiative to dedicate every month to one millet, in particular, to highlight its importance in terms of its health benefits.

The chefs at Hilton Chennai also suggest simple homemade recipes for our guests to try at home and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. One of those which are not just appetizingly lip-smacking but also healthy in unspoken ways. Millets carry great health benefits as they are rich in antioxidants, reduces cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels, are best for a gluten-free diet, and much more. The chefs suggest one healthy recipe a month with video demonstrations for our guests and followers to present the facts that these are not just extremely easy to make but also easy to adapt to our daily lives.

Millets are not common favorites of many children or adults. With their upcoming interesting and engaging activities for this campaign, Hilton Chennai is all set to change the mindset regardless of any age kind to make millets easily acceptable.

Highlighting a few millet dishes offered for this Republic Day buffet lunch at Hilton Chennai are “Pearl Millet, Apple, Sun-Dried Tomato, Asparagus, and Pomegranate Salad”; also called a superfood dish with loaded energy-packed grains, and Barnyard Millet (Kuthiraivali) and Mushroom Cutlet”; being an excellent source in dietary fiber and rich source in Iron.

Hilton Chennai reflects the spirit of the city in a harmonious confluence of tradition and contemporary stylization. The 204 – rooms and suites hotel offers a complete array of upscale amenities and guest services. The hotel offers five dining options to explore, namely Ayna – Pan-Indian restaurant, Vasco’s – All day dining restaurant, Vintage Bank- Wine and Cheese Bar, Est – Contemporary café and Q Bar – located on the rooftop offering a unique culinary experience. Furthermore, the hotel holds extensive conference and banqueting facilities, a well-appointed business center, a 24-hour fitness center, and an outdoor infinity pool.

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