THE G.O.A.T collaboration, Saffola Oats partners with Kolkata based cloud Kitchen Edabba to curate a dedicated oats menu

Date: 1st Feb 2023, Kolkata: For the first time ever, in what is undoubtedly the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T) collaboration, Saffola Oats partners with edabba, a chain of cloud kitchens and the leading brand of the segment in East India to curate a menu of traditional dishes made with oats. The OatSoGood menu made with Saffola Oats is listed on Edabba’s Zomato and Swiggy accounts, where in foodies can easily place their orders and relish the delicious Saffola Oats dishes at home.

Saffola Oats, made from 100% natural rolled oats, has soft grains that blend seamlessly into almost every recipe, sprucing up your regular dishes and giving you a wholesome meal. The menu is a curation of 5 handpicked recipes from the Northern and Eastern parts of India, while staying true to the unique style of edabba’s dishes.

To give you a taste of what you can expect from this special Saffola Oats X Edabba menu, here are the 5 delicious dishes you must try for your next order on Zomato and Swiggy at edabba.

  1. Saffola Oats Aloo Dum

Bengali Aloo Dum, traditionally called as Alur Dom is a special regional variation which is lightly spiced, slightly sweet, potato curry with onions, tomatoes and a range of spices and the secret ingredient which will make it more delicious is Saffola Oats.

  • Saffola Oats Bhoger Khichdi

A Traditional Bengali Khichuri is a delicious one-pot meal usually prepared with rice, moong lentils and mixed vegetables. This version is given a new twist with Saffola Oats.  (Add Link)

  • Saffola Oats Kulcha

An authentic North Indian flatbread recipe made with Saffola Oats that will just leave you wanting for more.

  • Saffola Oats Koraishutir Kochuri

A famous dish in Kolkata, Koraishutir Kochuri is a fried, puffy bread, stuffed with green peas and infused with mild spices. Try this traditional dish prepared with Saffola Oats.

  • Saffola Oats Kheer

Kheer is one of the most popular and traditional desserts in India. Presenting super delicious and creamy Kheer prepared with Saffola Oats.

  • W-Oat a bowl

A Chef’s special bowl which is super delicious and healthy. The foodies will get to choose Bread – Kochuri or Kulcha, or Khichuri or with sides of Aloo Dum and Kheer or salad.

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