The festive season, Diwali with Marriott Bonvoy is offering you an array of unique and exciting gifting experiences. Indulge in an exquisite treat of goodness with handcrafted hampers.

Uplift the celebratory mood by sharing and creating memorable moments with loved ones whilst you experience the best in quality and taste. With this exclusive box add a special touch to your festivities, an absolute treat for connoisseurs of the finer things in life. All ingredients for these delicacies are all locally sourced with no added artificial sweeteners and can travel distances making it a great gift that to be delivered. These Diwali with Marriott Bonvoy artisanal hampers is available in two sizes – Box of 18 and 36.

The box consists of 6 handcrafted delicacies:

Le Pistache – Handcrafted with pistachio, dry roasted nuts, healthy seeds, all of which are infused together with unprocessed Himalayan honey.  The dry roasted nuts and crunchiness of the seeds makes it the perfect guilt free exotica. 

Figgy Almond- These delectable rolls are made to perfection with finest almonds and paired with cashews and locally sourced figs. This beautiful mithai seals the deal with its decadent ingredient mélange. 

Silver Cashew- A twist to our traditional barfi, this sweet is infused with silver leaves, saffron and cashew paste. A tasty delight, this will make your heart melt with distinct flavours and one that blissfully takes you on a sweet escapade. 

Wheaty Barfi- An exquisitely crafted guilt-less treat that is a delicate balance of healthy and perfectly curated ingredients. Infused with sprout wheat flour and dried coconut, this extravagance is the one that you should not miss out on! 

Gur Mewa- This hearty treat comes with the goodness of nuts slow roasted in ghee, blended with cranberries and nutrient rich jaggery. This one could well make its way into the royal kitchens. A treat made for royalty! 

Rosette De Leche- An exquisite fusion of flavours is contained in this beautiful Rosette de Leche. Handcrafted by our master chef with naturally harvested aromatic roses, these gorgeous rounds are mixed with reduced milk to make the most delightful bite, all contained in these little luscious looking orbs with edible Gold. 

Let the delicious sweets, flavours of our impeccable hospitality, heightened safety & hygiene protocols and distinct services brighten up your festive days and make them extra special. Come join us in this celebration.

Available across all Marriott International Hotels. You can order now by calling 011-43169690, WhatsApp +91 97100 82100 or by emailing Diwali2021@marriott.com

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