Monica Barter has been appointed Corporate Director of Wellness at Capella Hotel Group in Singapore

With wellbeing becoming a core priority for travellers in this post-pandemic era, Capella Hotel Group is dedicated to enhancing its wellness offerings at Auriga Wellness and Flow with the appointment of Monica Barter as Corporate Director of Wellness. Barter brings extensive experience in the luxury wellness space and will be key in leading the group’s intransigent goal of achieving global recognition in the wellness travel arena.

Before her appointment at Capella Hotel Group, Barter forged a long and distinguished 18-year career as the Global Spa Operations Director of COMO Shambhala. During her tenure, Barter developed the wellness and sustainable lifestyle brand of COMO Hotels and Resorts from its inception. Barter also had a brief career in education with the Ministry of Education in Singapore, majoring in Physical Education, English & Literature. She went on to further her studies in Health & Sport Science and Sustainable Recreation Management at the University of Loughborough in the UK, before joining COMO.

At Capella Hotel Group, Barter will champion the brand development of Auriga Wellness and Flow. In her capacity, Barter will elevate both award-winning wellness concepts with new transformational experiences that go beyond a traditional hotel or resort spa facility. These include creating wellness experiences and environments that give people the opportunity to refresh and rebalance the mind, body and spirit connection. Barter will also support the Technical Services team with ongoing projects and facilitate essential planning of future wellness spaces including Capella Hotels and Resorts’ first luxury wellness resort in South Korea, Capella Yang Yang.

As an individual, Barter surrounds herself with all who share a genuine passion for what they do and believes that the definition of success is not about money or power, but a sense of peace. Barter is also the founder of The Wellness Potential, a hospitality and wellness consultancy headquartered in Singapore, with a base in Bali, Indonesia.

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