Gregoire Berger has been appointed Executive Chef at Ossiano at Atlantis, the Palm in Dubai

Ossiano at Atlantis, the Palm, has launched a new dining chapter in March helmed by chef Gregoire Berger. Widely regarded as one of the most creative and innovative chefs in the UAE, Berger departed the seafood restaurant in January 2021, only to return a year later. Ossiano’s new menu, available from March to summer 2022, will focus on Berger’s memories of travel and childhood, starting off in the oceans of Brittany and moving through several coastal cities across the world.

Upon his return to Ossiano, Berger has assembled a stellar young team of talent, including chef Aurelien Durand, Berger’s right-hand sous chef, hailing from the kitchens of Joel Robuchon and Anne Sophie Pic, as well as Hungarian Eszter Palagyi, the youngest female chef in Central Europe to win a Michelin-star at the age of 30. Both the front and back of house teams are invited to participate in a vast range of training programmes including performing arts, marine biology and culinary skills, ensuring each has the ability to bring performance and didactic dialogue to the dining experience.

At 34 years old, Berger has already made waves on the global culinary stage with his unconventional dishes refined with traditional French technique that has become his signature. Berger has set himself apart in the busy Dubai dining scene with his visionary approach to pairing ingredients and application of art to food.

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