Cookery sessions, laughter and feasting marked Women’s Day celebration at Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre

The largest city centre hotel in the Pink City, Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre hosted the young and influencing ladies of Jaipur on this women’s day marking some laughter, cooking sessions at the most favorite Chinese Bistro, Chao and feasting on some delectable Tex-Mex treats at their casual Restobar Roadhouse Bar & Grill. The workshop included the art of unique culinary, bringing alive the Pan-Asian flavors by Executive Chef, Raj Kumar along with the team of experts at Roadhouse craftfully showcasing the intriguing process to some amazing artisanal beverages to sip on.

The culinary affair and tipsy Mocktail Making Session was followed by a lavish lunching experience with the most fascinating and authentic Tex-Mex cuisine curated with love and care at Roadhouse Bar & Grill. These beautifully orchestrated workshops were the perfect way to celebrate Women’s Day while embracing all the pretty ladies in the city. “The special Women’s Day workshop included authentic Chinese & Japanese dishes like Assorted Sushi & Dim sums, Hand at the Wok, Classic Mocktails and got a chance to try their hands on oriental cooking techniques and mixology skills which were learned by the ones present throughout the Workshop,” said Vidhi Jain , Marketing Manager, Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre. Mr. Imit Arora, General Manager, Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre said, “The workshop was a success, as we had planned to bring together the women of the city on the occasion of International Women’s Day and had an amazing dining experience while enjoying the exquisite Tex-Mex cuisine and artisanal beverages” CHAO’s ambiance with its open setting offers family-style seating. The restaurant offers an exciting immersion in irresistible Pan – Asian cuisine, prepared on the spot with an emphasis on simplicity and flavor. It is fascinating to watch the woks fly up while master chefs are stirfrying and tossing the delicacies at the dumpling & noodle station finally, dishing out savory, made-to-order bowls. It gives guests the chance to indulge in an array of uncomplicated yet authentic dishes that offer a modern spin on traditional recipes from China’s popular culinary

On the other hand, The Roadhouse Bar & Grill, a casual Restobar conceptualized to encapsulate tantalizing TexMex flavors along with hand-crafted drinks in an ambiance that exudes elegance and style. Roadhouse offers Entertainment, small plates, live music, and exclusive cocktails on the go. The food and drinks have been carefully handpicked from across the Tex- Mex region to mirror the newer trends in the changing tastes of young clientele. Large sofas with a dining setup, bar stools, and cocktail tables as well around the bar; One can chill out with scintillating cocktails and the rhythm of Roadhouse’s music from DJ or Live Band on Weekends. This casual restobar serves as the perfect spot to indulge in some quality time with friends and family.

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