The Burrah Saahib Brunch at ITC Windsor

The Sunday brunch at ITC Windsor will now define grandeur with introduction of The Burrah Saahib Brunch. Themed after the termed used for people of status in the colonial India, the brunch signifies a royal meal that brings together a plethora of flavours. With a wide spread buffet featuring selections from our signature restaurants, The Burrah Saahib Brunch will bring a culinary heritage together on one table.

On offer is a complete experience – the most exquisite buffet in town, an ambience unmatched in luxury. You can sample the best of Indian cuisine in an array of flavours and textures from all over the country. Each region represented by its own authentic tastes and textures that tell of its long history and culture.

The Burrah Sahib Brunch at Raj Pavilion will be an event in itself. With the sun adding sheer cheer to the ambience of the glass house, a room full of the best known faces in town, laughter and light hearted banter to fill the hall, the best of foods and beverages from the kitchens of ITC Windsor, it has all the ingredients that make for a perfect week end. It not only gets you totally relaxed when you feel all the pressures melting away, you get completely re charged with positive energy for the week ahead

When- Every Sunday

Time – 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm

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