Mercedes Benz & Le Méridien Kochi are transforming the guest experiences

How do you take something regular like a handing over a car-key to something special for clients? Take notes from Mercedes Benz (Coastal Star) Kerala, who associated with Le Méridien Kochi to create this extraordinary experience for their valued customers!

“Seeing their new car is always a unique memory for our customers and we wanted to make this moment even more amazing, hence this association”, said Thomas Alex, Managing Director of Mercedes Benz Kerala (Coastal Star).

Starting from the month of February, clients who purchase a new car from Coastal Star will get their key handed over to them in an event as luxurious as the brand Mercedes Benz itself: followed by a coffee session at the five-star hotel, the clients are lead to a beautiful lawn right by the beautiful Vembanad Lake. What awaits them here is an event filled with surprise as they get to see their beloved new purchase literally “un-boxed” right in front of them, surrounded by the members of the Mercedes Benz team!

“Mercedes Benz has always been a brand close to our heart and we were equally excited and happy to offer them this space to create experiences unlike any other brands have done for their clients in Kerala” said Mervin Mathew, Director of Sales at Le Méridien Kochi.

Brands are transforming in unique ways to create memorable experiences for their clients, and it looks like both Mercedes Benz and Le Méridien Kochi are paving the path for innovation!

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