Hilton Launches Episode 4 of Eco-Travel Docuseries “Extending Our Stay,” Highlighting Our Access to Clean Water

Hosted by ESPN National Correspondent Michele Steele, episode four of this new six-part series shows how organizations in Hawaii’s Big Island and Cusco, Peru are raising awareness to the decreasing safety of our global watersheds

 Hilton has released the latest installment of its new “Extending Our Stay” video docuseries, which is focused on sustainable travel and creating meaningful change in the world as part of the company’s “Travel with Purpose” environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.

Episode four, titled “Access to Safe Water,” reveals the many ways watersheds are being compromised, in turn restricting our access to clean water for consumption, sanitation and hygiene. In addition, the impact of climate change has resulted in the increased effects felt by natural disasters like flooding, droughts and fires.

Featuring organizations in Hawaii’s Big Island and Cusco, Peru, the episode reveals how travel consumers can practice safe measures (i.e. using mineral-based sunscreen products that prevent damage to coral reefs).

“Extending Our Stay” is hosted by ESPN National Correspondent and global traveler Michele Steele, and produced in partner with Likeable Media, a New York-based media and production agency. The series highlights and explores some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges — food waste, eating and drinking more sustainably, plastics, water, community support and more. The episodes are told from the point of view of subject matter experts, thought leaders, and those who are directly impacted by our changing world.

Additional episodes will be released monthly through April 2022 and will be supplemented with additional photography and information for consumers and travelers alike. To learn more about the project and to watch all episodes, visit http://extendingourstay.com.

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