Hilton launches Waitographer programme in the UAE

Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a business lunch, or a family staycation, we all cherish special times that bring friends, family and colleagues together. Naturally, we want to record and remember these moments but often, rushed smartphone photographs or awkward selfies fail to capture the magic.

That’s why Hilton, in a ground-breaking world first, has launched the Waitographer programme that will train its waiting staff in smartphone photography so they can record guests’ celebrations with sharp, colourful and vibrant images that display the correct composition.

The innovative initiative sees renowned Middle East photographer Roger Moukarzel guide Hilton waiting staff through a rigorous workshop that will hone their photographic skills. After completion of the training programme, team members will receive a certificate and a badge so that hotel guests can easily identify Waitographers while in a Hilton property and ask for their assistance when they wish to have their picture taken.

“We all love to take photos when we’re with friends and family to capture the memories we are making,” says Gurmej Bahia, Vice President of Marketing and Loyalty, International, at Hilton. “However, nine times out of 10, the picture has to omit one person so they can take it or we attempt a selfie, which doesn’t always work, or we ask for a waiter or a random passer-by to take the photo for us. The Waitographer programme will enhance our guests’ experiences at Hilton and help them to save all their treasured memories.”

Emma Banks, Vice President, F&B Strategy & Development, Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Hilton commented, “Not only does the Waitographer scheme reinforce Hilton’s focus on empowering and upskilling its team members, but also ties in with our ambition to create human connections for guests during their stay,” she said. “Our Waitographers are really excited to interact with guests and start snapping photos that will create memories that last forever.”

The Waitographer programme is up and running with almost 100 Hilton team members having already passed through Roger Moukarzel’s photography workshop, and more scheduled to receive their training soon. Delighted Hilton team members said their new skills will equip them to take photographs for guests in future with expertise and without stress.

After launching in the UAE, the Waitographer workshops will roll out across the Hilton portfolio around the world via online training courses – helping guests create and capture new memories.

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