Sandie Johannessen Appointed as Director of Health & Wellness At Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, Qatar

Global pioneer in wellness and lifestyle transformations, Chiva-Som, has announced Sandie Johannessen as the new Director of Health & Wellness at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som; the largest wellness destination in Qatar and the world’s first centre for Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM). Leading the charge towards delivering Chiva-Som’s globally renowned wellness philosophy, Johannessen brings two decades of expertise in natural wellness to Zulal which aligns seamlessly with the specialties of TAIM.

In her leadership role, Copenhagen-born Johannessen will be responsible for guiding Zulal’s health and wellness philosophy and curating transformative wellness practices, whilst supervising the delivery of Chiva-Som’s high standards of service. She will oversee and cultivate the wellness and sustainability culture at the resort, delivering on Chiva-Som’s pledge to place equal importance on people, planet, and profit, ensuring that it resonates throughout the guests’ experience.

Having long embraced the virtues of a healthy, naturally balanced approach, and with a keen understanding of diverse cultural therapies from her previous tenures ranging from the USA, the UK and Scandinavia, to Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, India and Seychelles, Johannessen’s holistic approach sees her combine her studies in yoga, meditation, dietetics and philosophy into an experience where serenity is palpable.

Johannessen believes wellness is a way of life that embraces elements from different cultures and this has resonated through the path she has chosen. From a young age, her learning was infused with how health extends from the individual to their environment. Johannessen also had an early connection to Thailand as a child where she embraced her spirituality by visiting Buddhist temples and meditating with monks. Her journey with yoga and Ayurveda started serendipitously in her 20s when an uncle introduced her to the ancient sciences via a traditional remedy for motion sickness and set her on an exploration of holistic wellness, studying the alternative knowledge systems in India over many years. Continuing her journey and harmonising the ancient sciences’ perspective to her role, Johannessen finds great privilege and joy in helping others to re-balance, heal and thrive.

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