Quiet with Nature at Le Méridien Kochi

You may wonder why quietness is important, or if it’s such a big thing at all. Can’t blame you. But try it out for yourselves and you will actually come to learn that being quiet is one of the hardest things you will do!

Between the constant need to check your smartphone for updates, having a song that’s humming somewhere in the background, and at least four different trains of thought running parallel in your brain at any given point, it may seem hard to hit the “mute” button for your thoughts. To disconnect is the need of the hour, but do we fully realize the importance of quietness?

The advent of faster, affordable, and accessible internet has seen humankind leap into a kind of connectivity previously unheard of. It is easier now than ever before to connect with your loved ones, reach out to your favourite celebrities, or make your voice heard among the masses. Technology has empowered us to be connected with other humans, but has it subsequently loaded us with more information than we can actually process?

Us modern-day humans go through overpowering sensory inputs every day, and most times we are not even conscious of it. Take a look at the content you have consumed on Social Media in the past week and you will quickly realize the importance of the topic at hand. Our attention spans have also reduced quite drastically given the pace at which we consume information. You may be surprised as how long it takes to read through a favourite book of yours that only took you hours to finish in the past.

Why is it then, that quietness is important?

It is in moments of tranquillity that us humans have always had epiphanies. Take for example the stories of Isaac Newton, or Archimedes, or even the Great Buddha, and you will find the connection between being quiet and opening up your thoughts. Here at Le Méridien Kochi, we believe humans should stay as close to nature as possible, and here you will find more than enough spots by the backwaters of Kerala to attain enlightenment should you choose to do so!

Being rooted in one’s own land can help humans understand the world around us and evolve as a species. A relationship with nature builds cognitive and emotional benefits in children as well. In a study published in the medical journal Nature, researchers from Harvard Medical School report that a calm brain with less neural activity could even lead to a longer life! Being left alone to one’s own thoughts might be a scary prospect for many, but the first step is to recognize the need for being quiet. Nature is always here to help you out.

Giving back to nature that has provided us with so much is one of the key founding pillars of Le Méridien Kochi. Our butterfly garden that houses more than 10 species of butterflies, the on-site reverse osmosis plant, solar water heater, and our food & water recycling programmes all stand as testimony to our commitment towards nature.

Mervin Mathew, Director of Sales, Le Méridien Kochi.

Now that you know why tranquillity is important to us as humans, the next time you feel overwhelmed or mentally drained, you know where to be Quiet with Nature.

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