In Dubai’s dazzling dining scene, the restaurants that shine brightest are often the ones that passionately follow an overarching philosophy. At MINA Brasserie, Michelin awardee Michael Mina’s modus operandi comes to life, by way of cooking top of the line ingredients with impeccable technique. An experience free of any pretentiousness, the restaurant serves seductively simple Brasserie style dishes, with hints of Mina’s Arabian upbringing adding flair to European recipes. MINA’s patrons can now explore new flavours with five newly introduced creations, courtesy of Michael Mina’s avid apostle, Chef Rami Nasser.

“The essence of what we do here is to create simple, loveable dishes,” says Rami Nasser, Sous Executive Chef, Four Seasons Hotel DIFC. “Fine dining can be made approachable, by not overcomplicating the recipes or trying too hard to be fancy. For us, it is more about taking a dish that anyone can appreciate and making the absolute best version out of it.”

The Seafood Tower

Presenting the sea’s riches in an elegant tower, fitting of the glitzy restaurant interiors, this is the perfect sharing dish for two. A star-studded line-up of oysters, octopus, crab, salmon tartare and tuna tartare are served as fresh as can be, 17 to 24 hours from catch. The shellfish is gently toasted with chives, and the tower is served with lemon and olive oil for a twist of Mediterranean freshness.

Key ingredients: oysters, shrimps, octopus, crab, salmon tartare, tuna tartare, yuzu mayo, mignonette (for two)

Les Moules Frites

Not just a show of mussels, this dish offers a perfect balance of flavour. Organic mussels are pan-fried with white grape, shallots, garlic and parsley. Chef Rami Nasser describes this dish as his favourite way to “fly” to St. Tropez.

Key ingredients: mussels, skinny fries, white vinegar sauce

Foie Gras Torchon

The secret to MINA’s irresistible foie gras is the respect and admiration for tradition. In the preparation of this dish, the more common terrine mold is replaced with a dish cloth. This ancient way of making foie gras sees the luxurious delicacy pampered in a milk bath for 24 hours before being wrapped in Chef Rami’s torchon. The resulting texture is like an easily spreadable, delicate paste that matches perfectly with brioche bread and chutney.  

Key ingredients: foie gras, brioche bread, figs chutney

Veal Chop

Truly a winter dish, every bite of this creation achieves a feeling of warmth through flavour. The sweet and sour marinade of Greek yoghurt and maple syrup balances the earthiness of the oyster, porcini and chanterelle mushrooms.

Key ingredients: premium veal, wild mushrooms

Half Maine Lobster

This is possibly MINA’s main event. Benefiting from shallower, cooler waters, Maine lobsters tend to have a sweet taste and tender texture. Complementing the lobster’s natural flavours, a smoky cocktail and spicy sauce are the perfect accompaniment. To preserve its best qualities the lobster is poached with precision.

Key ingredients: Maine lobster, cocktail sauce, spicy sauce

For reservations guests can contact MINA Brasserie at +971 4 506 0100 or book online.

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