Fairmont Jaipur introduces a brand-new barbeque restaurant ‘Zia’

Jaipur, January 5, 2022: Fairmont Jaipur announced the opening of its brand-new barbeque restaurant Zia that translates to ‘light’ in Arabic. Taking inspiration from the grills of Mughal era as well as authentic American barbeque trails, Zia offers a unique culinary experience. Set amidst the lush citrus garden, the restaurant lights up magically when the gleaming moonlight shines above and creates a spectacular dining experience for guests, right under the stars. The tranquil ambience of Zia with warm table tops and live music adds to the delightful gastronomic journey, and makes the entire experience truly memorable.

Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, General Manager, Fairmont Jaipur shared, “At Zia, guests can spend whimsical evenings in the midst of serenading symphonies and immerse their senses in the sublime culmination of Jaipur’s finest live BBQ set up. We are committed to offer our guests a range of world-class dining experiences that are unique and unforgettable. With the opening of Zia, we aim to delight our guests with a plethora of delectable delicacies ranging from a wide variety of poultry and seafood to locally sourced, organic, vegetarian dishes.”

As the guests walk into the garden, a gentle breeze, the aromas of live barbeque grills and dim lighting welcomes them. The menu is thoughtfully curated by the Executive Chef, Gaurav Malhotra and it brings forth a confluence of characteristic tastes and global flavours. The restaurant offers a range of indulgent dishes such as Cajun Marinated Chicken, Grilled Fish with Chimichuri Sauce, Galangal rubbed Tofu and more, paired with bespoke cocktails to keep the spirits high.

At Fairmont Jaipur, you will experience the décor and hospitality that is inspired by the legends of two of India’s most celebrated dynasties – the Mughals and the Rajputs.

 For a delightful gastronomic journey with moonshine, mellow lighting and the grills, Zia is an ideal destination to celebrate your special #FairmontMoments under the stars!

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