Treat your taste buds with Kashmiri Food Festival “Wazwan” at Sayaji Hotel, Raipur

Raipur, 10 Dec’21: Kashmiri cuisine is more than just food – it’s an essence of Paradise. Natural ingredients like Saffron, Kashmiri red chilies, dried cock comb flower etc, enriches the flavor and enhances the aroma of the cuisine. Whole spices like black pepper, cardamom, cloves etc peaks its distinct taste and flavor of the traditional savouries. The culinary art of preparing Wazwan are exclusively passed down through generations and are treasured within Kashmiri families. Kashmir has many traditional delicacies teasing the palate of many ethnic food lovers. To deliver an authentic experience of its flavors, Sayaji Hotel Raipur is presenting the winter friendly cuisine “Wazwan” from 17th December 2021 till 26th December 2021 at your favorite ‘Cravings’, curated by their Executive Chef Aneesh and Master Chef Riyaz Ahmad who are very passionate about  authentic cuisines.

Wazwan is a majestic and unique multi-course meal of Kashmiri cuisine, bursting with a collection of different mutton based dishes, cottage cheese and exquisite vegetarian dishes.

Once tasted you will crave for more as the Chef delivers a unique experience right from preparation to platting dishes like Nadru kebab, Dum olav, HyderKanti, Kashmiri haktsamankhorma, Toshawagun, Rogan josh, TabakMaaz, KukuriRistakhorma, WazwaniGushtaba, Aabgosht, etc.

So, head to Sayaji Hotel Raipur and discover the Kashmir and indulge some delicious, lip-smacking Kashmiri food.

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