Lexicon IHM Bridging Industry-Academia Gap with Masterclasses Led by Renowned Hospitality Professionals

Lexicon IHM, a leading Hotel Management Institute, based in Pune is renowned as a Hotel School “By the Hoteliers & For the Hoteliers” . Lexicon IHM is bridging the industry-academia gap by conducting diverse workshops led by renowned professionals. Following successful workshops such as the Chocolate Making Workshop and the Awadhi Cuisine Workshop, the institute recently hosted an enriching Masterclass on International Soups led by Ms. Juhi Kaur Makhija, Head Chef, Ibis, Hinjewadi, Accor Hotels, Pune, alongside Ms. Neha Pant, Learning & Development Manager, Ibis Pune & Nashik, and Mr. Prathamesh Panchal, Cluster Talent and Culture Manager, Ibis Pune.

Under the guidance of Chef Makhija, students delved into the intricacies of crafting exquisite soups from around the world. From the flavorful Ramen Soup, originating in Japan in 1910, to the creamy richness of Corn Chowder Soup, to refreshing Gazpacho and Minestrone Soup, the masterclass offered a comprehensive exploration of international flavors.

Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group Chief Executive Officer, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack, EasyRecruit+ & Principal Lexicon IHM remarked, These masterclasses serve as a pivotal bridge between academia and industry, positioning the latter as a catalyst for transformation. Providing an invaluable platform for aspiring hoteliers, they empower individuals to refine their skills while remaining attuned to dynamic hospitality trends. These immersive experiences not only elevate culinary expertise but also cultivate a deep understanding of diverse cultures, enriching participants’ culinary repertoire. Through the cultivation of tomorrow’s talents, Lexicon IHM actively propels the growth and prosperity of the entire industry.

Chef Makhija shared her expertise by guiding studentsthrough each soup preparation, ingredients, methods, and nuances. From traditional techniques of preparing Ramen noodles with kansui-infused mineral water to achieving the perfect balance of flavors in Gazpacho, students gained a deeper understanding of the art and science of soup-making.

Encouraging students to seize the opportunity and maximize their learning, Ms. Juhi Kaur Makhija, stated, Students should embrace this opportunity to absorb as much knowledge as possible, which they can later apply in real-world scenarios.

Reflecting on the event, Ms. Neha Pant, emphasized the significance of continuous learning and development in the hospitality industry. She highlighted Lexicon IHM as the ideal platform for students to learn under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Students gained a broader understanding of the hospitality industry’s rich culinary landscape in the session. The hands-on learning experience encouraged students to experiment with various flavors and techniques, nurturing creativity in the kitchen.

Mr. Prathamesh Panchal, emphasized the pivotal role of Lexicon IHM’s state-of-the-art facilities in molding future hospitality leaders.

Lexicon IHM’s masterclasses exemplify the institute’s dedication to equipping students with practical skills and industry knowledge essential for success in the competitive hospitality sector. Through various industry collaborations, Lexicon IHM provides an unparalleled learning environment, nurturing future hoteliers poised for excellence.

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