Celebrate World Idli Day at ITC Grand Chola

A plate of warm, aromatic ‘idlis’ dunked in chutney or sambar and paired with coffee which can be a wonderful start of the day and it’s indisputable in the case of every South Indian. To commemorate World Idly Day, ITC Grand Chola offers a collection of gourmet assortment Idlis with classical chutney, podi – ghee and drumstick sambar. Embrace the harvesting season in a culinary extravaganza at ITC Grand Chola with delectable delights meticulously prepared for your dining pleasure.


Cucumber Idli

A classic from Karnataka made of cucumber, rice rava, coconut and jaggery

ITC Mallipoo Idli

The signature cotton soft breakfast idli of ITC Hotels

Podi Idli

House made ‘Curry leaf Spice powder’ tossed classical idli

Rava Idli

Steamed buttons of semolina & yoghurt

Ragi Millet Idli

Finger millet idli

Thatte Idli

Large spongy idli of fermented rice & lentil mixture, doused with ghee and house made spice powder

All the Idlis ordered singular or in combination are served along with the following traditional accompaniments of classical chutney assortments of Coconut, Tomato & Coriander, Podi – Ghee & Drumstick Sambar.

The offerings will be available at Café Mercara and as part of our Takeaway Services. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of the festive season at ITC Grand Chola. For those looking for a relaxing and pleasant ambience to spend quality time with their friends and family while enjoying delectable South Indian dishes at an affordable price, ITC Grand Chola is the ideal destination.

For more information and reservations, please contact 044 – 2220 0000 or email mytable.itcgrandchola@itchotels.in.

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