Pamini Hemaprabha, Luxury Hospitality Leader- Women Leadership in Hospitality Series – Episode 10

Pamini Hemaprabha: Hospitality Leader and Author

Pamini Hemaprabha is a seasoned hotelier with nearly two decades of experience in luxury hospitality across the globe. With a career spanning six countries, including India, UAE, Qatar, Myanmar, Rwanda, Austria, and Egypt, Pamini has honed her skills in various roles, primarily focusing on housekeeping operations.

Her expertise and dedication have earned her recognition as an international speaker and author, with her book “SAY NO” empowering women worldwide. Pamini’s leadership abilities were showcased during her tenure as Complex Executive Housekeeper at Marriott Hotels in Dubai, where she excelled in navigating challenges, especially during the pandemic.

Ranked sixth on Hoteliers Web’s Power 25 Housekeepers list in 2020, Pamini is known for her innovative approaches to generating revenue and her commitment to fostering a collaborative and celebratory work environment. She believes in the transformative power of strong leadership, regular engagement with teams, and cultivating a culture of creativity and teamwork.

Pamini envisions the future of housekeeping as a cornerstone of hospitality. With a passion for nurturing talent and rewarding excellence, she strives to elevate the profession, inspiring others to pursue careers in hospitality.

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