Vandana Bhatt, Managing Director for Hozpitality Group – Women Leadership in Hospitality Series – Episode 1

Vandana Bhatt, Managing Director for Hozpitality Group:

A versatile professional donning multiple hats, I seamlessly juggle entrepreneurship, content creation, and event planning, rooted in a robust hospitality industry background. Currently serving as the go-to person for HR, PR, and Marketing at Hozpitality Group, I bring a wealth of expertise to the forefront.

With an 18-year career as an Executive Search Consultant, I’ve played a pivotal role in guiding countless individuals towards their dream careers. Beyond the professional realm, I am not just a seasoned executive but also a devoted mom to two boys.

My interests span a diverse range of activities, from reading, writing, and traveling to singing and photography. Actively participating in community initiatives and supporting various organizations is a source of personal fulfillment.

On the literary front, I am thrilled to share my latest creation, “Hamlet in the Himalayas,” a Historical Fiction piece. Prior to this, I authored “The Prophecy Paradox- The Power and Perils of Seeing the Future.”

Adding another layer to my professional tapestry, I assume the role of Chief Editor for Hozpitality’s Best 30 Magazine—available both online globally and in print in the UAE. It’s a journey where my love for words converges with my passion for the hospitality world.

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