Ritu Mehta, Centre Director Phoenix Mall of Asia, Senior VP Marketing South on Womens day

In the retail industry, it is a matter of pride that more and more women have become influential both in terms of consumer perspective and business owners, bringing innovation and development in the sector. With digitization becoming an enabler to the rise of women leaders in the retail segment, innovative products and ideas are emerging in the consumer market – which is serving as a powerful reminder every day that inclusion is beyond diversity. Being a woman leader in the retail industry for almost two decades, I strongly feel that we all should come together to foster a culture of inclusivity that actively welcomes and empowers innovative ideas, empathizes with a diverse workforce, and creates spaces for everyone’s dignity and respect. This year, as we celebrate International Women’s Day with a focus on Inspire Inclusion, let’s aim to build a women-driven business landscape and pave the way for a vibrate and equitable future.”

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