Sheraton Grand Doha’s Women Circle 4th Event: Organic Candle-Making Workshop with Candeel

As part of its continuous efforts to support & empower women, Sheraton Grand Doha will hold its fourth Women’s Circle event with a new concept in collaboration with Anahi, the Self-Worth Coach and Candeel, this time with a workshop aimed at inspiring women to focus on that which feels like pure self-love.

Candles can be quite calming and beneficial for your health and wellness, and all the more so, if it’s organic and uniquely created by yourself. Women’s Circle by Sheraton X Anahi will be partnering with Candeel for an organic candle-making workshop where, using natural scented oils used for massage and relaxation. Participants will have the chance to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind candle, which will be a better gift to one self. During this event, Anahi will also be sharing some tips and ideas to bring the essence of self-love and self-care to the day to day practically.

Enjoy this magical day in the outdoor garden of Pool Cafe surrounded by stunning views of lush, landscaped garden and crystal-blue waters of the Arabian Gulf as we bring together sisterhood, creativity, self-care and support you on your personal manifesting journey. Women`s Circle by Sheraton X Anahi continues to bring women together to create a safe platform with unique events. For those who would like to join the Women`s Circle organic candle-making event this Friday, February 18, the registration is open:

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