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  • Cornell Webinar: Reimagining Travel - How Data Can Boost the Industry’s Recovery.

    2020 was a year like no other, as the travel restrictions and economic downturn brought on by the global pandemic devastated the entire travel industry. But with widespread vaccinations now underway, there are promising signs that recovery is just around the corner.

    This session will convene a panel of industry leaders who are optimistic about the return of travel. They also believe that the industry can do more than just sit back and wait for recovery. The smart use of data presents a unique opportunity to shape the recovery and make it even better. Combining guest intelligence with revenue performance insights will allow us to do just that.

    In this live online event, we will delve into the data, analytics, use cases, and organizational challenges that will shape travel's rebound in 2021 and beyond. We will examine this topic through a variety of perspectives, from guest acquisition and retention to engagement and personalization.


    How guest intelligence and revenue performance practices can converge
    How to both set and strive for competing objectives
    How guest intelligence insights can be used to enhance and personalize the guest experience in a way that also drives revenue and profitability
    How the industry can recognize and prepare for the potential pitfalls along the way
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