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IHCL launches four-pillar framework

  • IHCL launches four-pillar framework - prevent infection, protect lives, provide support and preserve sustained safety.

    IHCL launches an all-encompassing framework with the objective of providing support towards the health and safety of our colleagues, customers and community.

    Puneet Chhatwal, Managing Director and Chief Executive Office, Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) stated, “At IHCL, the health and safety of our employees, guests, partners and the larger community are integral to our culture of Tajness. In line with this, we have created a structured and holistic approach that covers all our stakeholders. Our priorities in this regard are: Prevent Infection, Protect Lives, Provide Support and Persevere in ensuring sustained safety. This thrust, while encompassing multiple avenues, includes the restarting of the Meals to Smiles initiative from 2nd May. We have delivered approximately 335,000 meals to 32 hospitals and COVID-19 centers across eight locations."

    He continued, "We have continued collaborating with local hospitals to offer some of our hotels as quarantine facilities for asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic patients and this extends to our employees as well. This initiative currently is available across 17 hotels in 12 locations and the scope is expanding depending on the dynamic needs of the situation. We have also been hosting the medical fraternity at our hotels across the country. IHCL continues to stand with India in its fight against the pandemic with Tajness as its guiding force.”

    The four-pillar framework enabled by Tajness includes:

    I. PREVENT Infection: We continue to strengthen and implement stringent safety and hygiene protocols across all our hotels and offices. These include use of protective gear, intensive sanitization, contactless experiences using technology and various social distancing measures. The company has also been facilitating vaccinations for all its employees, and almost all employees above 45 years of age have received the first vaccination dose. The company will continue to facilitate the same for remaining age groups when vaccines are made available. In addition to setting up COVID testing camps for easy access to tests, we have established a panel of doctors across India, accessible to all employees. Many other preventive initiatives including virtual sessions on holistic wellness with experts amongst others have been put in place.

    II. PROTECT Lives: In support of our frontline Covid warriors, the company has once again extended our #MealsToSmiles initiative through the Taj Public Service Welfare Trust in collaboration with TajSATS, and other donors. We have delivered approximately 335,000 nutritious meals to healthcare workers at eight cities across eight states and 32 hospitals and COVID care centers to date. In addition to hosting over 9,000 room nights for doctors at our hotels across the country, we have also partnered with hospitals to provide quarantine facilities for asymptomatic to mildly symptomatic patients. Currently 17 hotels across 12 locations are offering approximately 1,500 rooms, and the scope is expanding depending on the dynamic needs of the situation.

    These quarantine facilities extend to employees and their families too. We are also providing employees with critical medical, home care and logistical assistance as required.

    III. PROVIDE Support: We continue to extend support to our employees during these trying times through end-to-end support for impacted employees and their families including rehabilitation and care, such as providing food, medicines and other support for children and dependents of those hospitalized

    IV. PERSEVERE Sustained Safety: What the pandemic has glaringly brought to the fore is that one’s health cannot be taken for granted. The company will be focusing on providing sustained health support such as introducing more nutritious diets for employees at staff cafeterias to organizing annual vaccination drives to increasing awareness about regular medical- check-ups and other endeavors for the long-term commitment of the safety and health of employees. 

    The company will continue developing and implementing initiatives aligned to the objective of prioritizing safety and health for all its stakeholders.

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