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The growing trend of art in hospitality

  • The growing trend of art in hospitality

    Vida Beach Resort, Umm Al Quwain general manager Nicolas Chammaa shares his thoughts

    The idea of art in a living space is no new concept, there are whole industries based around it, like interior design, fashion houses, retailers and more. People constantly use art to create a personal space that reflects their identity and feels familiar and comforting.

    Once considered an accessory, today art within hotels tells a story and crafts a distinctive experience. Art helps hotels stand out by adding culture, creativity and substance, and plays an intrinsic part in creating a first impression and kick-starting the guest's journey and shape their expectations and experience.

    Vida hotels are known for their commitment to art, and the new Vida Beach Resort in Umm Al Quwain demonstrates that art and design are very much part of the brand DNA. All of the artwork in the property is inspired by the stunning landscape and rich heritage of the emirate. We worked with Emaar's design team, who commissioned inspiring artists, both locally and from around the world, to create these art pieces with a cultural component to create a much more meaningful and memorable experience, while giving guests a 'tour of Umm Al Quwain' without ever having to leave the resort. This builds a palpable sense of hospitality that truly captures a guest’s heart and separates a great experience from a forgettable one.

    Art suggests locally driven and thoughtfully curated experiences that modern guests look for when choosing or frequenting a hotel, as the guests feel more relaxed and connected to the hotel experience versus a typical overnight stay. Art does more than make walls look pretty, it can add character to a brand, be an added value to their stay, and can bring the community together by showing support for local talent. Artwork is what guests first notice when they set foot onto a property; it draws guests in and makes them feel welcome. Our resort art tells a story, it also helps guests elevate their sense of style and make the resort, in a way, more intimate.

    Upon entering Vida Beach Resort, Umm Al Quwain, guests are greeted by a stunning Heritage Wall. A curation of pieces inspired by tradition with a modern edge, the Heritage Wall houses canvases and figures from a variety of artists. UAE-based artist and architect, Muhanad Al Nassiri, adds a contemporary illustrative element using watercolours, while intricate Khoos ornaments fashioned from palm leaves were masterfully woven by Emirati craftswomen, who work in association with the Al Ghadeer organization that offers work opportunities to underprivileged women through sustainable crafts. There's also the watersports activity kiosk that will soon become a canvas for a local artist we will collaborate with, to paint all over it and showcase their talent by creating a piece that best reflects 'Vida' to them.

    Fashion is another form of art and expression that has been warmly welcomed by the hospitality industry. We have seen it with luxe global brands partnering with residential spaces and hotels for interiors, furnishings, candles, or better yet giving their name to a property, making it a brand that people affiliate themselves with. We wanted to take the mundane robe ritual to the next level by partnering with home-grown designer, Deborah Henning to create an exclusive line of luxury robes that are sustainable and minimalistic, much like our brand values, and that add a special touch to the guest experience.

    The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and we're living in very interesting times where the best rooms and food isn't enough to attract guests. Modern guests want more than just value-for-money, they want added value experiences that will contribute towards enriching their lives and providing them with stories to tell. People do staycations because they want to spend the entire day at a hotel and feel as though they're on vacation, hotels need to make it worth their while with elements that enhance their stay, and embracing art is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Source: HotelierMiddleEast

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